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Koh Phi Phi pics 2010/3

Snorkeling and dining with Lek.

Koh Phi Phi pics 2010/2

Diving trips with Island Divers. Jane snorkeling.....juhuu!

Koh Phi Phi pics 2010

On land with Yo, Jane, Rasmus & Mads...Andy from England joins in now and then:)

Kuala Lumpur 2010

KL birdpark, Twin Towers, KL Tower + park and Sakata Japanese Cuisine:D

Bali 2009

Being tourists....

Koh Tao

Holidaypics. Chumporn harbour, a lot from Tanote Bay, none from the lovely beachbungalow (hmmpf), Mr. J's shop.

Anchor Wat Cambodia

Cambodia 2008

Swimming with Dolphins. Laem Sing/Thailand.

Lovely day, 1 hour swim with dolphins. Couldn´t stop smiling:D

Raya Yai Phuket Thailand

December 2007 I stayed on this lovely, quiet island south of Phuket. Diving, swimming, eating good food, meeting nice people...celebrated christmas in an alternative way:) and spent new years in bed:( Incl. some Phuketpics:/


Fantastic birthday present for my 50th, from and with mama;)

Dahab Egypten

Diving with Sole 2005


Promotion day in Copenhagen for Handicap Diving.

Koh Phi Phi feb/mar08

Diving, some relaxed, some fun and some challenging with Sole, Sanne and Yotin.


Home in Denmark.

Alice & Harald

Marriage 080808


My son and sunshine growing up:)


Cha-Am and surroundings.

Cha-Am Thailand

Cha-Am and surroundings.

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