Koh Phi Phi

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Spent 2 nights in a great hotel: Samkong Place, Phuket Town waiting for Jane & sons. Rented a scooter and took a trip to visit “old friends” in Chalong. Kob´s restaurant & A.P. bar. Nice to see U guys:) Went snorkeling, a quiet beach on the very south of Phuket…….Tomba/Raya Yai Divers introduced it to me some 2 years ago. Lovely as ever! 

Koh Phi Phi 2010, I must say has changed some. My last visit was 2 years ago. The building of concrete bungalows after the tsunami is understandable. The new fancy glass foyers to some of the resorts is not…..to me anyhow:)

Spent a week with Thi Lak, Jane, Rasmus and Mads. Diving, diving, diving……eating, massage, manicure, longtail boat with Lek snorkeling and catching dinner, don´t tell Sole:D. Jane (dear friend) who never had hair under water before, transformed to a snorkeling frency. Great fun……we saw a lot to her b-t:D

As always dived with Island Divers, we were well taken care of as being able to dive with the same instructor, Stav for every dive (eases everything for me, as I don´t have to tell the same story over and over about what kind of help I need, to get the most out of my dives) and besides I liked him a lot;)

We dived Local 3 days (favourite spot must be Bida Nok, it´s like swimming in a huge aquarium. There´s a lot of different coloured Featherstars, plenty of Fancorals, got to see a yellow Seahorse, Juvenile Harlequin Sweetlip, Leopard Shark, Juvenile Yellow Boxfish, Moray Eals….) and 1 day at King Cruiser Wreck/Shark Point/Pilia North. Our timing was a bit off, as we were there around full moon which means current! At King Cruiser it didn´t work out so we resurfaced. Got back in with Stav alone and had a lovely relaxed dive, as had he…..He had been working hard: my issues in the surface, Yo´s inexperience and so fort. Besides which I myself had a bit of a challenge taking care of Yo. At the end all that was sorted, I´m proud to say he was doing excellent and was very much enjoying himself as he got better on the swimming and the buoyancy.

Our last day we rented Lek (Sole´s friend) and “his” boat. He is the most fantastic guide for divers and snorkelers on Phi Phi. He knows where the sharks, the turtles a s f comes around. He loves to get wet himself, and if you can keep up with him, you´re in for a treat. I was beat after all the diving and prior to that, our KL trip so I stayed with Yo and Jane for some relaxed swimming, got to see 1 black tip shark and 1 turtle before giving in though. Rasmus and Mads got the lot: about 10 sharks…

Lek picked up our dinner: multiple fishes (no sharks:)))))))…….it was prepared in a restaurant, and he joined us with his wife……it was so very nice:D. A perfect ending on our holiday. Jane & sons took off for Koh Lanta. Yo and I headed for Phuket and a night bus to Cha-Am.

I´ve got no UW pics this time:( As Jane was very good with the camera I´m glad to say I for once got a lot of pics from Koh Phi Phi. Upload coming up soon!

That´s all folks. Big Hugs.

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