jun 26


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Enjoying the beatiful weather so not a lot of blogging going on. I came across a pic that makes me smile and hope it will do that for you to. Yo & Monica on Kawasaki Vulcan. Taken when Monica, Mona and Helle visited us in Thailand. That was fantastic:)

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apr 15

Songkran festival 2010

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Happy thai new year to everybody:)))

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feb 19


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I find there´s too many pages on my blog so I´m organizing things a bit differently. Pages with only pics on you can find in: Photo Albums. I´ll be reorganizing for a while….not deleteing……..hoping for your patience on the matter. Hot greetings to everyone, especially all you freezing europeans:)
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feb 18

Koh Phi Phi

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Spent 2 nights in a great hotel: Samkong Place, Phuket Town waiting for Jane & sons. Rented a scooter and took a trip to visit “old friends” in Chalong. Kob´s restaurant & A.P. bar. Nice to see U guys:) Went snorkeling, a quiet beach on the very south of Phuket…….Tomba/Raya Yai Divers introduced it to me some 2 years ago. Lovely as ever! 

Koh Phi Phi 2010, I must say has changed some. My last visit was 2 years ago. The building of concrete bungalows after the tsunami is understandable. The new fancy glass foyers to some of the resorts is not…..to me anyhow:)

Spent a week with Thi Lak, Jane, Rasmus and Mads. Diving, diving, diving……eating, massage, manicure, longtail boat with Lek snorkeling and catching dinner, don´t tell Sole:D. Jane (dear friend) who never had hair under water before, transformed to a snorkeling frency. Great fun……we saw a lot to her b-t:D

As always dived with Island Divers, we were well taken care of as being able to dive with the same instructor, Stav for every dive (eases everything for me, as I don´t have to tell the same story over and over about what kind of help I need, to get the most out of my dives) and besides I liked him a lot;)

We dived Local 3 days (favourite spot must be Bida Nok, it´s like swimming in a huge aquarium. There´s a lot of different coloured Featherstars, plenty of Fancorals, got to see a yellow Seahorse, Juvenile Harlequin Sweetlip, Leopard Shark, Juvenile Yellow Boxfish, Moray Eals….) and 1 day at King Cruiser Wreck/Shark Point/Pilia North. Our timing was a bit off, as we were there around full moon which means current! At King Cruiser it didn´t work out so we resurfaced. Got back in with Stav alone and had a lovely relaxed dive, as had he…..He had been working hard: my issues in the surface, Yo´s inexperience and so fort. Besides which I myself had a bit of a challenge taking care of Yo. At the end all that was sorted, I´m proud to say he was doing excellent and was very much enjoying himself as he got better on the swimming and the buoyancy.

Our last day we rented Lek (Sole´s friend) and “his” boat. He is the most fantastic guide for divers and snorkelers on Phi Phi. He knows where the sharks, the turtles a s f comes around. He loves to get wet himself, and if you can keep up with him, you´re in for a treat. I was beat after all the diving and prior to that, our KL trip so I stayed with Yo and Jane for some relaxed swimming, got to see 1 black tip shark and 1 turtle before giving in though. Rasmus and Mads got the lot: about 10 sharks…

Lek picked up our dinner: multiple fishes (no sharks:)))))))…….it was prepared in a restaurant, and he joined us with his wife……it was so very nice:D. A perfect ending on our holiday. Jane & sons took off for Koh Lanta. Yo and I headed for Phuket and a night bus to Cha-Am.

I´ve got no UW pics this time:( As Jane was very good with the camera I´m glad to say I for once got a lot of pics from Koh Phi Phi. Upload coming up soon!

That´s all folks. Big Hugs.

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feb 7

Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia.

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Kare allesammen, jeg vil fremover primært blogge på engelsk grundet flere og flere venner som ikke forstår dansk…….og I kan jo allesammen forstå engelsk, håber det ikke vil afholde jer fra at fortsat besøge min blog 🙂

Yo and I are back in Cha-Am. Been on a lovely holiday, Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia, a few days in Phuket Town, a one day motorbike trip to a secret lovely beach for snorkeling and Koh Phi Phi for diving.

Kuala Lumpur was at first sight as most big towns seem to me: confusing. Stayed in a nice hotel in “Little India”, near monorail station Medan Tuanku. Easy to get around.

We started off in familiar surroundings by visiting China Town, not much to say about that, friendly and a lot of street shops with things you don´t need…….so we didn´t buy 😀

Came back just in time for a nice cup of coffee sheltered from a real heavy rain……..very cosy.

Found a lovely Japanese restaurant named Sakata (located in Maju Junction Mall, near Medan Tuanku monorail station). I consider this a must visit if going to KL. Food is excellent (even managed to get a recipe for a dessert from the chef, looking forward to trying it out), not to pricey and foremost a superb service with clever conversation (Z-san & Mimie-san). We loved it so much that we dined 3 out of our 5 nights stay…….would have dined 4, but Sundays they´re closed. Monday, our last night in KL, the guys had set up a private, romantic room with candles a s f. They are really sweethearts and I think of them as friends and very much hope to see them again. Luv.

Had a very good massage downstairs at the same mall. All the masseurs are blind. It was really helpfull to my troubled joints, the lady most certainly new what she was doing. Chinese pressure techniques. Left there very happy!

We spent an afternoon in KL bird park, that was nice and pretty, you can get very close to some of the birds. Peacocks showing off was fun 😀

Got a pain in my neck  from checking out the Menara Towers (Twin Towers), they´re impressive and also beautiful. Took a stroll (sounds easy, was not, hotalot) to a fantastic park nearby and right next to the KL tower. A lot of different trees, very jungle like in the middle of town. It was really a getaway, kind of surreal when catching a glimpse of the skyscrapers between the trees. Hard work though as there´s hundreds of steps, it goes up and down but it´s well worth the effort. If the stairs are not challenging enough there´s also an outdoor gym at the top, LOL

As Sakata was closed Sunday we took a walk down our neighborhood food hunting. As “Little India” = garlic, it was not easy. Suddenly we were standing outside these two china red old doors: Coliseum Café and Hotel. We entered and voilà, literally stepped into the past century. Tired Chinese staff, very French looking bar/restaurant which has not been redecorated ever. British soldiers used to hang in the bar while Japanese patrolled the street. Lot´s of atmosphere and history. A menu with something for every taste. Food decent not delicious. Staff came to life when asked about the place and proved to be very friendly. A peculiar thing is, that I´m for the first time ever reading a book written by Somerset Maugham and he´s mentioned a lot in the newspaper clippings hanging on the walls in the bar. Turns out it´s quite a famous place, but I didn´t come about it while researching for our trip. Was darned lucky to stumble upon it… 🙂

We did one evening out: The Hard Rock café, live music, a bit of dancing, whiskey…….and lovely company: Joe (biker) and friends. Offshore guys…….there´s oil in Malaysian waters 😀

Thanx to all you guys who made our stay in KL more than memorable! And a very special thanx to the kindhearted stranger in KL airport who gave us money for transport to our hotel, 75 km away at midnight, as all the ATM machines where out of order, WOW!

ADVICE! The ATMs at the airport closes down every night at midnight and for 1 or 2 hours on. So if you arrive at these hours, be sure to carry some cash MYR!!!

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jan 6

Fest, fest & fest!

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 Håber alle er kommet godt fra start i det nye år.

Festlighederne her har været som følger:

Juleaften, Yotin og jeg fik skaldyr og fisk på grill, champspruldevand/øl. Gik til Rocky´s restaurant for at oenske god jul, der var dans…..så vi dansede:) Dejlig aften!

Nytårsaften, igen alt godt fra havet, men denne gang i selskab med Hedy, dejlig “pige” fra Melbourne, Vincent og Oo fra BKK. Derefter den lokale “rockklub” med dans…….igen en skøn, varm og venskabelig aften.

5/1 Hedy´s fødselsdag, ændring i meny:) dampet fisk, mmmm, dybstegte rejer m. tamarindsauce, mums fillibabba;) Videre til Rocky´s for en drink og hyggesnak……….Nice!

Nu er det forhåbentlig hverdag?


Se flere billeder her “Fest pics:/”

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dec 21


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Kawasaki Vulcan 400cc

Kawasaki Vulcan 400cc

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nov 29

On-line og så vældig glad!

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Endelig lykkedes det at etablere internet hjemme. Ikke hurtigt men det er der. Den eneste internetcafé med virkelig highspeed er lukket, er gået forgæves 2 aftener på café hvor mange børn spiller spil og ganske enkelt ikke kunnet lave noget. Nu er det history……….og en stor lettelse.

Glæder mig til kontakt. Kram

Lægger lidt billeder fra Berlin og fra Cha-Am

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nov 18

E-mailadressebog vaek!

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Kaere allesammen.

Jeg har det vidunderligt, glad og lykkelig og meget varm, ligesom det skal vaere.

Kan ikke se e-mailadresser paa min puter saa jeg har brug for at I skriver til mig, hvis I altsaa vil hoere fra mig……:)


Kram og kaerlige tanker til alle.

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okt 20

On the road again.

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En lille hilsen fra Berlin. Er checket in paa dejligt hotel, vaeret ude at drikke en velskaenket fassbier og taget mig et karbad. Dejligt:)

Jane koerte mig til lufthavnen og Sole kom og farvellede. Alt hyggeligt og godt.



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